Our Project  Planing Process

We work closely with our clients to establish the marketing campaign strategy for each of our clients. Our process for planning each customer’s campaign and how it run it’s course is a well defined step-by-step process which ensures that the campaign is fully optimized and thus generates the desired outcome.


We initiate the process with an analysis of the customer’s requirements to be able to define the scope of the project and a proposal for a campaign idea is presented. Finding, generating and qualifying leads are based on a clear understanding of the customer’s ideal target group: how they buy and what type of problem we can help them solve. We also during this procedure of the project planning identify the required staffing requirements for the customer and if needed; initiate the hiring process of finding the right qualified sales personas for the client’s project.


We meet the customer for a online workshop that will form the basis for how we angle the conversation guide. Then we set the schedule and the lead qualification. After the workshop, we receive training in the solution that we will market and any objections we may encounter.


Based on the information we have received from the customer, we write a proposal for a conversation guide which the customer can then approve. If the customer does not have their own prospecting lists, then we can in that case generate a list of a relevant target group from our database, which can then be approved by the customer.


In this phase we will begin with test calls to prospects and make a thorough analysis of the calls. Any adjustments in the call guide are made, and when we are satisfied with the outcome of the calls, we increase the intensity of the campaign to the level the customer anticipates. If appointment setting is the case, then we deliver agreed meetings with the prospect to the customer immediately when they are scheduled with the prospecting lead.


We give our customers full insight into the project’s results through weekly reconciliations and weekly reports where all information from the interviews is compiled in one file.


Once the customer’s marketing campaign is finalized; we’ll compile all the results. We evaluate the conversations and present a summary of the project. Based on lessons learned and insights from the project, and if possible we produce our recommendations for how the work should continue from the data collected.

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