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We specialize in assisting the financial sector with its marketing needs We create new business opportunities for clients in the financial industry and tech companies in Europe
We Are a Result Driven Sales Outsourcing & Lead Generation Agency In Gibraltar, Which Specializes in The Financial Industry & B2B Tech Companies .

We Convert Prospects Into Real Customers.

What We Do

TakeMarket is a full-service sales and marketing firm that assist tech companies and financial services companies with in-house sales outsourcing and marketing strategies to succeed. Selling complex financial products requires specialized knowledge and understanding about the financial frameworks, laws, regulations and how financial vehicles operate. TakeMarket is a sales and marketing agency which is highly specialized in the financial markets and we can therefore assist our clients better and understand their needs and requirements.

As a company, we derive from a financial banking background rather than the traditional telemarketing sector. Thus we have a deeper understanding about the processes, the requirements and compliance needed to operate successfully in finance which also set us in a unique position to help our clients. We can therefore assist our clients through the knowledge we have about the financial sector to generate more leads and sales for our customers in the financial industry; whether it is lead generation, outbound sales or running your next marketing campaign.

Our Solutions

Account Based Marketing

In-house Sales Outsourcing 

Lead Generation

Qualified Telemarketing

Digital Marketing

Back Office & Compliance

Event Invitations

Email Marketing

Lead Database Qualification

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Some Areas Our
Clients Operate In:

Banking & Investment Funds

FX/Stock/Commodities Brokerage Firms

Fintech, Software & Information Technology

Languages We
Currently Serve:




Our Difference

As a sales and marketing agency deeply rooted in the finance world, we deliver the knowledge and understanding of our client’s needs that few can. We seek only to hire only hire per se professionals that have an economic, financial or previous banking background for our operations, thus ensuring that we keep a high educational level on our staff so we always can deliver the expected outcome in the projects we work on for our clients. We also only hire our staff on fixed salary as we believe that it creates a much more safer and better environment for our employees which then transforms into a higher quality output and value for our clients.

Our Promise

We stand by our words that we are dedicated to your company’s market growth. We will always act in an ethical, professional manner accordingly in compliance with laws and regulations and we will always strive to deliver the best desired outcome for our clients in a well-grounded, measurable, timely manner as promised for each project. We build our client relationships based on trust and proven facts of results delivered which is something we always seek to fulfill in that promise.

Our Objective

Our objective is to be a strategic partner to the world’s leading financial companies by bringing solutions and enhancing customer experience during each interaction. Our goal is to is to generate the highest possible return through the professional, active and responsible exercise for our clients. We always seek to create the uppermost value for our clients and their customers.

Our Customers

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