Short  About Us

We are privately held company located in Gibraltar founded in 2018 and our management have many years experience in both the financial industry and within the sales and marketing sector. Our sole focus is to assist companies in the financial sector and we specialize in being strategic outsourcing partner in in-house sales, marketing and customer experience.

Our Management

Daniel Sundbeck

CEO & Founder

I have background as an serial entrepreneur, and past experiences from the sales, marketing industry and from the financial and banking industry for almost nine years combined as professional Forex Trader and then later as Private Banker where worked for Peter Schiff’s Euro Pacific Bank. I’ve studied at the Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College and then after working a few years in sales in my early twenties, and then I started my first company that was a marketing and sales company when I was about 23 years old. I have over +25 years experience in sales and marketing and from the financial sector altogether.

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