Specialized Telemarketing

Telemarketing is a cost efficient way to generate leads, build a stronger sales pipe line either though direct B2B sales or simply identifying new potential customers though appointment setting. Specialized B2B telemarketing is a effective way to reach decision makers and get the results you want.

At TakeMarket we have many years of experience in this area of generating tangible results for B2B clients in Europe. We are experts at marketing B2B tech companies and the financial sector can help your company grow in your sector of business. We offer lead generation services and native speaking consultants in Western Europe and we cover a broad market geographically with languages such as Danish, Swedish and English.

TaaS; Telemarketing As A Service

The most efficient way for us to work with clients is when our consultants work for you longer period of time than just a few hours per week. That way we can become a natural extension of your sales team and we can continuously need to fill your pipeline with new leads and follow up on prospects where want us to get back to them and thus close sales calls properly.

Our offering of Telemarketing As A Service is the right fit for you if you when your sales pipeline requires a constant new flow of prospects to reach your end goal of more new business. Our experienced BDR’s will take care of the whole lead generation process and assist your and your company to succeed in your market.

By working this way we can follow up and nurture generated leads from your digital marketing campaigns, do invitations to various corporate events and web seminars or book the business meetings with the right decision makers that you would like to do business with. This way we are not just an external partner, but an natural extension of your own sales team were we work together towards your company goals and help your business grow.

Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

We have long experience with appointment setting for our clients and we know how to ensure the quality of the meetings we book for our clients are worthwhile your time. Our consultants are used to asking qualifying questions to make sure the meetings we book are not just another pointless coffee meeting, but that the prospect do really want to meet with you and do business.

We work out from the project specifications that has been outlined by you, so we can deliver great tangible results and help you grow.

You can always follow the progress by logging into your account at our project system and check the current status of your appointment setting project.

Mapping & Data Base Collection

Are you looking for a better understanding of your current market and your competitors?
With our mapping and database collection service we help you learn what your your dream customers use and when their current contracts with their suppliers are up for renewal.

Or you maybe you are in need to update your database so you have the correct up-to-date decision makers name, telephone and e-mail address in your lead database and get the opt-in permissions that you need? Our BDR consultant are experienced with asking the right question and we love help you get a better understanding of your potential prospects.

Event Invitations

Whether your company are within the financial sector trading managing clients funds, banking services or a B2B tech company working and developing smart technologies and business systems for your customers looking to invite new potential prospects to an event, we’d love to help you.

Our consultants have the comprehensive knowledge and experience of inviting key decision makers to various types of events:
From all-day events, shorter webinars to breakfast seminars, fairs and workshops.

We have the extensive knowledge of how to invite the right target crowd of prospects that you are interested in doing business with and how to avoid no-shows in larger numbers. We will help you grown and nurture a good relationship with your new potential customers.

Account Based Marketing

Do you have specific dream accounts that you wished you could get in contact with?
We be thrilled to help you reach them through successful ABM campaigns were we use proven techniques and the use of technology stack to generate the right desirable results wanted. We love to hear from you and have chat about how we can help you close those specific accounts that you are pining for.

Let’s get that sales process started so you can grow further?

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